When should we look at tutoring?

Sometimes a little extra help outside the classroom can really improve your child’s confidence as well as their grades.

But when is the right time to think about a little extra help?

Catching up, if you have moved or your child has missed some school.

A little extra help can be very useful if your child has missed some school due to illness, injury or perhaps a house move. In some cases, even missing one topic can make it tricky as it might be something that future learning is built upon. It’s especially useful when a child moves school, as subjects might be covered in a different order.  We recommend asking the teacher what’s been covered that your child may have missed. This can be discussed with the tutor to help your child catch up. The school will no doubt appreciate the support with the transition!

Help with a particular topic or in a specific area

The fast-paced nature of the classroom may sometime leave a child who has not quite got to grips with something, behind. As well as leaving gaps in their knowledge, more importantly – it can cause them to lose confidence or believe ‘I am not good at that’. Getting some tutoring support can help to identify what your child is finding tricky and address it head-on. Feeling comfortable and confident is the foundation for all learning success.

To offer challenge

Tutoring can be great if your child would like to gain an in-depth understanding of a subject – whether in preparation for an exam, such as the 11+, or simply because there is a passion or interest. The benefit of tutoring is that the teacher has time to really help your child get a full understanding. This is particularly useful if you are planning for your child to take the 11+ where true comprehension, rather than ‘learning to repeat’ is what is really being tested.

To learn more about our approach to tuition and why our pupils make progress, get in touch. We’d love to meet you and your family.

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