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About Us

The Face behind Peepal Tree Learning

Growing up as the child of teachers – after-school academics was always a big part of my life. I was always encouraged to ask questions, to challenge, and to love learning. My parents were patient and kind – being inquisitive was something celebrated in our home. Some of my greatest memories are of sharing a meal with my family and being tested to the spell the most difficult word I could!

Fast-forward 20 years, and after a degree in Business Studies and a Masters in HR from the University of Westminster, it was my turn to sit at the table with my sons and their homework.

I looked for after-school tuition early on, and while I found many fine companies with impressive results – they were missing that encouraging, patient, family feel I was looking for.

And so Peepal Tree Learning was born.

Created to offer an opportunity for my own family – it soon became clear that many parents were seeking the same thing I was. Five years on, and we’ve supported countless children to develop confidence, self-worth and belief in their abilities – in turn leading to offers from some of the best schools and universities in the world.

From leading children through the tricky world of the 11+ exam, to helping families through securing a SEN diagnosis for their child – everything we do has the young person at the heart of it – offering support and guidance where necessary.

So, if you think we might be a good fit for your family – get in touch, we’d love to meet you.

Sheetal Paranjpe

Founder – Peepal Tree Learning