The benefits of after-school tuition

More and more parents are choosing after-school tuition to help their children reach their academic potential – and with good reason! Children of all ages and abilities can reap fantastic rewards from private tuition. Here at Peepal Tree Learning, it’s our aim to have a positive impact on your child in a range of ways, not just by improving their exam results.

Let’s take a look at 5 important ways your child will benefit from our after-school classes.

  1. Supporting them to reach their potential Whatever your child’s academic ability, we’ll help them do the best they can in the subjects they study with us. Our class sizes are quite small, so your child’s tuition can be tailored towards their pace and preferred style of learning. Your tutor will take the time to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses, so any gaps in their knowledge can be addressed whilst further developing the areas they’re already good at.When it comes to exams, your child will be well-prepared with lots of test papers, some of which will be completed under timed conditions. This helps your child understand what to expect from the examination process, so they feel more comfortable and less nervous when the time comes for the real thing.
  2. Helping them enjoy learning School lessons can often be highly structured and rather formal, which can put some children off learning. And if a child has done badly in a subject in the past, they may now dislike it and feel reluctant to try.Our after-school tuition classes address these problems by offering a relaxed environment that makes learning fun and interactive. Your tutor will aim to reignite your child’s enthusiasm for learning by giving them the support they need to improve their knowledge and skills.Your child will also have access to materials and resources that may not be available in school. These will help stimulate and maintain their interest by providing fresh challenges and learning opportunities.
  3. Improving their confidence If your child’s confidence has taken a knock, or they’re naturally shy, private tuition can really help them come out of their shell. With small class sizes and informal learning styles, it’s easy for the tutor and students to get to know each other. Your child will feel less pressured and able to express themselves and participate fully in the classes.At the same time, your child’s confidence in the subject being studied will also increase. They’ll feel able to ask questions – even silly ones! – as they’ll be learning in a supportive and positive environment. This is really important as the more interaction your child has with the tutor and other students, the more they’ll benefit.
  4. Encouraging effective study skills Here at Peepal Tree Learning, our philosophy is not just to have students attend class and work out practice papers, but to impart knowledge in a way that’s remembered for a long time to come. Our after-school tuition will develop good learning habits that help your child grasp and retain information, so they can perform well in assignments and exams.As noted above, private tuition also encourages your children to ask questions if they’re not sure. This is an important habit to develop, as if they don’t understand something and remain silent, they won’t progress.What’s more, after-school tuition gets your child into the habit of studying outside normal school hours. The skills and routine that our classes provide will stand them in good stead throughout their education – right up to university level.
  5. Giving them time and attention With today’s large class sizes, teachers can’t always give their students individual attention and support. The pace of learning can’t be adapted to suit different needs, with the risk that the teacher will move onto a new topic before some students have grasped the last one. Naturally, this can be very frustrating for children who are struggling to keep up.These problems don’t exist in our after-school tuition classes. Each child will receive a fair amount of one-to-one attention from the tutor, who’ll take the time to fully understand their strengths and weaknesses – making the learning process much more effective.
  6. Book your child onto a class today We’d love to help your child reach their potential be it their  GCSE or IGCSE Higher Mathematics or even their 11- Plus prep! Please get in touch to book your child onto our after-school tuition classes in Surbiton or Kingston-on-Thames. We’re now enrolling for the summer term, which starts on 17th (Surbiton) and 18th (Kingston) April.

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