Pupil case study – Ariv, age 12

We had a little chat with Ariv to find out what he thinks of Peepal Tree Learning and how it’s helped him so far. Thanks to mum Teresa for her help typing up the answers!

Hi Ariv, how has tuition benefited you so far?

It helps me with my studies. I am always prepared for my tests in school because PTL helps me get ready for it. Before, I felt anxious about my maths tests.

What is PTL really good at, in your opinion?

It’s a quiet atmosphere and when the maths question is confusing for me, Talat (my tutor) always explains a simple method which helps me to understand it more easily.

Would you recommend us, Ariv?

I would definitely recommend PTL to other students who, like me, struggle with maths find it very tricky. I have tried other tuition companies but they didn’t go through the questions and explain enough. At PTL, you learn something new every week – even school hasn’t taught the  topic yet! It makes me feel confident.

Thanks Ariv! To learn more about our approach to tuition and why our pupils make progress, get in touch. We’d love to meet you and your family. 

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