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Pass the 11+ with flying colours!

Pass the 11+ with flying colours!

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We currently offer classes online and at 3 locations all easily accessible from Richmond, Kingston and Sutton Stations.

Competition for places at top independent and grammar schools is tough – and is getting
tougher every year. As well as giving your child a sense of confidence in themselves, our
tutors help develop analytical skills – essential to success at 11+.
Why study for the 11+ with Peepal Tree Learning?

  • Carefully structured after-school tuition online classes – usually in 2hr blocks
  • Highly experienced and friendly tutors who adapt to different learning styles – no
  • Development of cognitive thinking improving analytical skills – essential to passing
    the exam!
  • Past practice papers and exam technique – how to structure an answer
  • 1:1 and group lessons available – as much or as little as your child needs


My daughter Kiara prepped for the 11+ at Peepal Tree Learning and secured a place at one
of Surrey’s top Grammar Schools. I can’t thank them enough!” Mrs. Chaudhary, mum to
Kiara – Year 7