Keeping young minds happy and healthy

It’s a worrying time for young people.  The world feels ‘different’ and so changes in routine can be scary!  When children feel concerned, stress can cause hormones to affect their emotions and sometimes they may react in a way you’re not expecting or that’s out of character.

Here’s some advice for parents as we work through this rather strange situation we find ourselves in!

Take time to talk

Your children may not want to talk about Coronavirus, or they might have lots and lots of questions. Do take time to let them talk it through. Taking a few minutes to allay fears or to explain things through may mean they will get a better night’s sleep, which in turn will improve their mood the next day!

Manage their exposure 

Do limit the amount that children are exposed to the news and social media. It’s pretty tricky for young minds (and not so young ones too!) to process what’s going on without believing everything that they hear or read. Let them know you’ll help them find the facts. In general though, limit their exposure!

Structure is your friend.

Sticking to a routine is probably more important than it’s ever been. Your children will probably have a class schedule sent by their school (if they don’t, we can help with that!), but you should try to make sure that mealtimes and bed times stay broadly similar too. That sense of routine helps children feel safe and secure.

Keep in touch

We are all missing friends and relatives. Emotional connections are vital to a healthy mind and so schedule some time for children to spend with their loves ones. There are many video apps available, but a simple phone call works just as well!

Ask them to help

From making dinner to loading the washing machine, keeping children busy helps engage their minds. Unoccupied minds can become very sensitive to stimuli – both good and bad. Keep their minds focused on a goal and away from things they are unable to influence.

And finally…

Be kind to yourselves and accept that you can’t do everything! This is a strange situation for everyone and we will all make mistakes. The most important thing is that your children feel safe, loved and happy!

If you need more structure and are struggling with home schooling, we’re very happy to help. Get in touch and you’ll get a FREE assessment and FREE first lesson. That way you can see if our approach with work for you and your circumstances.

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