Can you afford educational tutoring?

With reports suggesting up to 25% of parents in the UK turning to educational tutoring to help boost their children’s learning, you may well have considered it but quickly disregarded it as too expensive.

But let’s look at the costs and of course, the benefits…

Costs vary

Private tutoring (one on one teaching) can cost up to £50 per hour and costs vary considerably depending on geographical location. Unsurprisingly, costs in the South of the country can be almost double what is charged elsewhere. Whilst useful for some subjects and indeed some students, private tutoring can feel a little intense. Group tuition is often a more effective route – students bounce ideas off one another, challenging each other’s thinking in a small and supportive environment. The added benefit is the cost. Group tuition is often far more cost-effective, with prices starting from around £15-£20 per hr. Costs can be reduced even further when a course of lessons is booked.

After-school activity?

According to research, the average family will spend an average 28k on extracurricular activities for their children before they leave home. The average child does three activities a week with swimming lessons and clubs proving the most popular out-of-school activity at 45 per cent. Sports training is next on 28 per cent, ­followed by dance and ballet lessons (18 per cent) and gymnastics (17 per cent).

But should educational tutoring sit as an extra-curricular activity? For many parents, this probably hasn’t even been considered! If you do have a budget for after-school activities, re-distributing some of this towards educational tuition could prove a sound investment.

An investment for the future

If your child’s confidence has taken a knock, or they’re naturally shy, educational tuition can really help them come out of their shell. With small class sizes and informal learning styles, children can feel less pressured and confidence in the subject increases. You may be looking for help to prepare for the 11+ Fostering a love of learning and getting the basics right pays dividends throughout a person’s education and further into their career.

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