Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy

  1. The safety of the students  is the responsibility of the Company whilst on their premises however Parents must make their own provision as to drop off and pick up from the tuition centre.
  2. It is the responsibility of the Parent(s) to pick up and drop off in a timely manner.
  3. It is not permitted for the students to leave the building during the hours allocated to their class except in case of emergency.
  4. Where Online learning is being used all parents and students must abide by the Remote Learning Responsible User agreement and Guidelines.                      When using the Peepal Tree Learning platform to attend classes online, students should conduct themselves as they would in a classroom. This includes:
    • Video conferencing from an environment that is quiet, safe and free from distractions (not a bedroom)
    • Be on time for the interactive session
    • Be dressed appropriately for learning (no pyjamas, no swimwear)
    • Remain attentive during sessions
    • Interact patiently and respectfully with your teachers and peers
    • Provide feedback to teachers about your experiences and any relevant suggestions
    • You MUST NOT record each other’s online interactions, including the teacher. Recording a lesson and placing it on social media will lead to a severe sanction.
    • Make sure you end the session as soon as the teacher indicates to do so.
  5. All online classes delivered are recorded and accessible by Peepal Tree learning Ltd. alone for the safety of it’s staff and students.
  6. The Company is not responsible for the welfare of the students  outside of class hours.
  7. If the student wishes to withdraw from the classes a one month notice must be provided in writing to the company.
  8. The Parent(s) is/are responsible for telling the Company if the child has any learning disability, medical condition or requires medication.
  9. No warranties are made with regard to progress if any made by the students during the course of the classes.
  10. The Company promotes good behaviour at their learning centres and reserves the right to exclude a child from classes should they cause disruption to the learning sessions. In the event a child causes serious misconduct or is a danger to the staff or any other child that student will be removed from the class with immediate effect.
  11. The Company is not responsible for exam results or coursework marks.
  12. By providing the Company with the Parent(s) personal details and information the Parent(s) agree that they are happy for the Company to store them on the Company database. The Company in return warrants that the information will not be shared with any third party without the Parent’s consent.
  13. The Parent(s) agree that their correspondence details may be used to send information relating to the Company’s services and invitation to join the social media platform and communication networks. If the Parent(s) do not wish to receive such information then this must be done at the time of registration.
  14. Appointments for discussing child progression with tutors must be arranged by emailing the Company at info@peepaltreelearning.com. The Company will be happy to book a 10 minute appointment with the tutor either before or after class.
  15. Parent(s) are encouraged not to share any personal details with the tutors who are all independent contractors and not employees of the Company. They are also under contractual obligation not to provide any private lessons with any of the Company’s students.
  16. Payments must be made for the full term in advance of the student starting tuition. Payment is taken once the registration form is complete and can also be made via bank transfer to the following, account: Peepal Tree Learning
    Sort Code: 60-83-71
    Account No: 89261421
  17. We do not accept cheque or card payments online
  18. Students will only be allowed to attend class once the full payment has been made.
  19. Refunds will only be issued if the lesson does not take place as a result of the Company cancelling. The refund will be made within 7 working days. There will be no refund if the Parent(s) withdraws the student from the classes or if the student does not attend.
  20. No guarantee of an available place will be given until the term payment has been made. If classes are fully booked students will be placed on a waiting list if desired by the Parent(s).