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  1. The Tutor is an independent contractor and at no time will be regarded as an employee of the Company.
  2. The Tutor must work stipulated days and hours at a specified location.
  3. The Tutor will not be required to work during school holidays.
  4. The Tutor will not be paid if they fail to comply with the days and times stipulated.
  5. Before commencing work the Tutor must provide proof of basic DBS check or equivalent.
  6. This Contract is conditional on the Tutor providing suitable references and the Company reserves the right to terminate this Contract if references are unsatisfactory.
  7. The Tutor must provide proof of qualification at the appropriate level at which they are teaching.
  8. The Tutor is not permitted to share company resources with any other persons other than the students of the Company and their parents.
  9. The Tutor is not permitted to teach students of the Company other than under the terms of this Contract.
  10. The Tutor must be punctual and maintain professional conduct at all times.
  11. The Tutor is expected to communicate effectively with both parents and students addressing any questions in an appropriate manner.
  12. The Tutor must give at least two weeks’ notice of unavailability for any particular date.
  13. The Company has the right to terminate this Contract at any time without notice in the event of a breach of any of the terms.
  14. The Tutor agrees that by providing their personal details and information to the Company that they are happy for the Company to store them on the Company’s database. The Company warrants that these details will not be shared with anythird parties without the Tutor’s consent.
  15. The Tutor agrees that the Company may use their correspondence details to send information relating to the Company’s services and invite the Tutor to join the social media platform and any other communication networks.
  16. The Tutor warrants that they have a minimum of £1 million public liability insurance to cover the cost of any claims that may arise out of the Tutor’s behaviour at the Company’s premises and will provide proof of same on demand or equivalent in currency.
  17. The Tutor and the Company agree:-
    a. The Tutor is responsible for planning each lesson in advance and each lesson must cover the topic highlighted in the syllabus.
    b. Any material provided by the Company remains the property of the Company and must be returned upon request or prior to the termination of the Contract whichever is earlier. Any outstanding payment due to the Tutor will be withheld until such property is returned to the Company.
    c. Tutors are encouraged to make the lessons as interactive as possible.
    d. The Tutor will not distribute copy or sell any of the study material provided by the Company without prior permission of the Company.
    e. The Tutor may use appropriate external/third party resources/material to supplement the Tutor’s teaching method however the Tutor is solely responsible for the appropriateness validity and accuracy of such material.

The Company will not be held responsible for any copyright or licence material that the Tutor may select to choose.