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At Peepal Tree Learning we believe that strong fundamentals play a key role in providing a good grounding for any subject

Our Mathematics and English curriculum covers students sitting exams in GCSE Higher Mathematics / English Language, IGCSE Mathematics A and Mathematics B including Modular Mathematics and English Language papers.


Our aim is to improve the student’s understanding of the key topics of the entire syllabus of the board. Therefore we incorporate tutoring methods that complement school teaching. Every class focuses on particularly chosen topics enabling our students to grasp each one to perfection. We also make sure that our students have enough time with the tutors during class to review the topics taught in school that week. This is followed by comprehensive assignment sheets in every topic of the syllabus, to enable students to solve a wide range of mathematical and logical problems including a wide range of English Language topics. These assignments are then assessed and marked by our tutors.


Our classes take place at key term times during the year. Our Senior classes run for for 1 hour per week per subject. Students are also encouraged to complete past mock test papers on a regular basis which helps with improving their confidence and time scales during exams. This helps in keeping a track record of their progress. Regular feedback is then provided by our tutors to the parents and students. For further information regarding our Mathematics and English courses please see our GCSE / IGCSE About the Course page.


Our 11+ classes cover Mathematics, English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning.


The 11+ prep classes run for 2 hours once a week. We enrol students from Year 4 onwards. Each 2 hour class focuses on Mathematics including non-verbal reasoning and English including verbal reasoning. Weekly practice test papers together with mock test papers are provided to the students. These help improve the child’s performance at school while giving them the confidence to sit through the rigorous 11+ entrance tests. For further information regarding our 11+ prep please see our 11+ ‘About the Course’ page.