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At Peepal Tree Learning we believe that exceptional tutors imparting strong fundamentals, play a key role in providing a solid grounding for any subject

PTL Tutors

All our chosen tutors bring with them a plethora of teaching experience gained by being in the industry for over 25 years. Currently teaching in schools around the world, they are all extremely well versed with their chosen subject area, fully qualified and DBS checked. Our tutors have the ability and experience to teach children of varied age groups, filling gaps in knowledge that then help build confidence and kindle a desire to succeed further.

PTL Curriculum

Our Mathematics, English, Physics and Chemistry curriculums are offered for students sitting their GCSE and IGCSE examinations.

Our aim is to improve the student’s understanding of the key topics within the entire syllabus of the board. Therefore we incorporate tutoring methods that complement school teaching. Every class focuses on particularly chosen topics enabling our students to grasp each one to perfection. We also make sure that our students have enough time with the tutors during class to review the topics taught in school that week. This is followed by a comprehensive assignment sheet or homework for every topic covered in class.

All our Mathematics and English classes are offered both onsite and online. Our Physics and Chemistry classes are currently offered online only. Our onsite classes take place at key term times during the year. Classes run for for 1 hour per week per subject.

For further information regarding our classes you can visit our GCSE / IGCSE ‘About The Class’ page.

Our 11+ classes cover both, Mathematics and English and can be accessed either Onsite at any of our locations or OnLine in the comfort of your own home.

The 11+ prep classes run for 2 hours once a week. We enrol students from Year 4 onwards. Each 2 hour class focuses on varied topics of the Mathematics and English curriculum re-enforcing the fundamentals and strengthening the students knowledge and understanding. Weekly assignment sheets together with sample test papers in Year 5 are provided to the students to monitor their development and further their progress. These also help improve the student’s performance at school while giving them the confidence to sit through the rigorous 11+ entrance tests. For further information regarding our 11+ prep visit our 11+ ‘About The Course’ page.

Online and Onsite Classes

Our online technology is simple and easy to use. Our classes can be accessed through a desktop , laptop or even a mobile phone. Our tutors use an interactive white board to enhance the student’s learning experience. We always offer a free initial trial class so that new students are comfortable with the learning techniques. We also offer a free initial assessment sheet that would need to be completed prior to the online class. This enables our tutors to learn more about the strengths and development needs of every student in turn strengthening their ability to succeed.

All our classes run for 60 minutes per subject. Our group onsite and online classes are held at specific dates and times through the year. We also offer 1:1 classes online for students that prefer not to do a group class. Class timings for our 1:1 classes can be arranged over the phone to check availability.