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GCSE Mathematics Exam Paper Practice

for Year 11

This event is aimed at students sitting for their GCSE and AS Levels Mathematics Exams in 2020.

If you’re looking to improve your grades at your up coming GCSE’s and A levels then this event is for you!

Our 4 hour Maths exam paper practice sessions focus on practicing past papers including papers set by our highly skilled Maths tutors. We include both Foundation Maths and Higher Maths and A level practice papers on the day. Our tutors not only aid with building confidence but also provide the essential exam know how .

Each session runs for 1 day and practice papers differ on both our event days. Students will use the 4 hours to complete papers with access to tutors solving the papers and providing feedback with exam tips and techniques in a group setting.

  • Solving Foundation and Higher Maths Papers
  • Problem- Solving for Algebra and Statistics
  • Working with Mathematical models
  • Exam tips and techniques provided
  • An excellent way of practicing to improve grades
  • Different papers on both event days
  • Limited spaces

Join us today and benefit by learning a systematic way of working through your papers and gaining excellent results for your upcoming exams!