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GCSE/ IGCSE Higher Mathematics and English

Our after school Mathematics revision courses are designed for students sitting for GCSE and IGCSE Mathematics Exams. The curriculum focuses on International GCSE Mathematics papers ‘A’ and ‘B’, Modular B and GCSE Higher Mathematics. Our English classes similarly cover a wide range of topics including Transactional Writing, Imaginative writing, Poetry and Prose to name a few.

We encourage the enrolment of students at the beginning of each term so that they can benefit from the entire course content taught and revised. See class schedule for further details regarding dates.

Each class lasts for 1 hour per subject and is held once a week term time only. This is followed by comprehensive assignment sheets covering every topic of the syllabus, to enable students to solve a wide range of mathematical and logical problems including practice with the English Language. Students are then provided with homework for the week. Our approach towards using our specifically designed assignment papers provides students with regular practice and improved efficiency at all levels. The assignment sheets are completed at home and then submitted back to the tutor at the following class for corrections and feedback.