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11 plus tuition - 11 plus preparation programme

11+ Tuition Sutton, London

Are you looking for 11+ tuition in Sutton, London? At Peepal Tree Learning, we offer after school 11+ tuition and group revision classes to help support students who are looking to sit their 11+ entrance exams. One of our key components is providing your child with the confidence needed to excel in an exam environment. Our Mathematics and English curriculum cover students sitting their entrance exams as well as giving them a structured approach to continuous learning at home.

Our Experience in 11+ Tuition, Sutton

Our Sutton-based 11+ tuition team have over 25 years’ experience in tutoring students after school hours and helping them to achieve outstanding results in their 11+ exams. We work on developing a strong grounding in the students chosen subject and improving their knowledge of the fundamentals.

We also do 11+ Online Tuition

In addition, we also do 11+ online tuition. Be sure to sign up now for our 11+ online tuition courses now!

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    11 plus tuition Sutton london

    How We Work With 11+ Tuition

    When it comes to our ways of working, we put the child at the centre with our 11+ tuition in Sutton. We encourage regular class attendance and work on our assignment sheets which helps the student to understand each topic area being covered during our classes as well as what they are learning in school.

    We make sure that each parent and student have regular one to one feedback time with our Sutton tutors so that progress of the child’s success is monitored. We firmly believe that every child has the potential to succeed and that this can be encouraged by our excellent tutors. We don’t just want our students to have success with practice papers, but to impart the knowledge that helps every child excel in their goal towards success.

    About the 11+ Tuition Prep Course

    Competition for independent and grammar schools is tough and is only getting tougher each year. There is a fair a lot of work involved when it comes to the 11-plus entrance exams and as such, some children can feel overwhelmed. That’s where we here at Peepal Tree Learning come in. Our carefully structured after-school tuition classes carried out by our experienced Sutton tutors help your child get to grips with the 11-plus curriculum. We understand the importance of letting our students learn at their own pace and supporting them to feel confident about taking the 11+ exam. With the help of our Sutton tutor team, your child can reach their full potential and achieve the best possible pass.

    What Is The Structure Of Our 11+ Tuition In Sutton?

    Our classes follow the national term dates for a period of 2 hours once a week. In this time we take a look at both key subjects, english and mathematics. We have our full breakdown of 11+ tuition class times here. We currently hold classes at the Sutton Central Library on St Nicholas Way in Sutton, London



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